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December 25, 2012
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Secret Santa 2012 - Lyss! by Nephilimist Secret Santa 2012 - Lyss! by Nephilimist
So once again my Avatar (blue arrow, not blue alien) friends and I did a secret santa, and once again like last year, I got the wonderfully amazing Lyss :iconfighting-for-nothing:.

So I stalked her facebook until I found a good picture and cartooned it. Tada! Hope you love it, Lyssa!

Took two days, approximately 5ish hours, done in GIMP2.

My art, no stealing.
Fighting-for-Nothing Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Student General Artist
wpoahdfsajkldjksaf HAHAHA omg.
I was just like going through my ten billion notes on DA (because i dont use it enough and am trying to clean it out) and I saw this and I was like "WOAH WHAT THAT IS ME." and Istopped.
And I saw that it was you
And I was like "omg"

Wow it's so cute! hahaha I love it! <3 thank you!!!! :)
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